The atmosphere in the house or how to create coziness?

It will be about an elegant and, at the same time, simple and effective solution: about a small thing that can do a lot ...

«Home, Sweet Home»

Home, Sweet Home is a song known to the English-speaking world. Of the Russian speakers, few people know her words, but the song title has long been used as a phraseological unit. With this phrase, we can return home after a long journey, a hard day at work, a tiring (or maybe not very ...) pastime at a party, running from the street on a bad day, and after “a lot of other things”. Home is good, warm, safe. This is the area where you are just you.

Sometimes, you want to change something in your home: outweigh the picture, add a blanket to the chair, put a vase of flowers, move the table to the window, buy a new sofa, or maybe even make repairs. You are changing, and the space around you must match. Sometimes, after the work is done, the thought still does not leave: "Something is missing." How to dive? How to hear space? You see a beautiful interior, touch, use objects, watch movies, listen to music, and what do you feel? Smells ...

Since ancient times, people have found various ways to scent space, and the history of using aroma diffusers goes back more than one century: our ancestors mixed essential oils with olive oil in a vessel and placed reed sticks there. And now diffusers for the home are wildly fashionable! And they are at the peak of popularity in scent design.

Aroma diffusers.

The company "Adelaide" follows world trends and offers aroma diffusers Parfum pour la maison with Concept Aromatique (Grasse, France). Luxurious compositions: Amber, Zen cedre encens, Tubereuse, Ginger blossom, — created in collaboration with French perfumers from Concept Aromatique. This is a limited edition perfume that will add coziness, warmth and good mood to your home..