Contract manufacturing

You can contact us to produce your own products (from 10,000 pcs.).

We produce skin care cosmetics:

  • creams;
  • gels;
  • shampoos;
  • balms;
  • serum;
  • scrubs;
  • enzyme powders;
  • other products.

The minimum volume is 15 ml.

Available in packing:

  • extrusion tubes;
  • laminated tubes;
  • aluminum tubes;
  • bottles, etc.

The library "Adelaide" has more than 300 different ready-made recipes, and we also develop recipes from scratch for a specific order. We have extensive experience (since 1998), contract manufacturing - since 2007.

A little more about our developments:

- more than 300 items of raw materials;

- more than 250 different manufactured items;

- more than 400 items of various cosmetic raw materials in stock.

The company cooperates with the largest international suppliers of raw materials and, together with them, develops recipes:

The team of development engineers regularly improves their qualifications and attends specialized seminars in Russia and Europe.

The products are focused on results: we do not deal with empty cheap recipes, care products must be effective. Experts will help you in the selection of a suitable recipe, flavoring, consistency and packaging, as well as provide guidance on the main trends in the market.

If you still have any questions, you can contact us or see the "Frequently Asked Questions" section. 

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