Dynalift™ — elastic and smooth skin

A lifting and smoothing complex from Sederma - the world leader in active ingredients for the cosmetic industry.

Dynalift™ by Sederma

Sederma is a French company part of Croda International Plc. Sederma is developing a unique set of biochemical active substances with proven effectiveness. Continuous innovation, continuous research into evidence-based effectiveness, quality and service improvements, technologically advanced manufacturing facilities and countless awards make the company a world leader in the development and creation of active cosmetic ingredients.

“Sustainable enterprises take a holistic view of doing business with the same focus on the planet, people and profit,” says Arnaud Furnial, CEO of Sederma. In line with the concept of demand for healthy, ethical and sustainable products, the company strives for the level of "perfect beauty" by adhering to the program of sustainable development (Sustainable development). Sorghum, the juice of which is part of the Dynalift ™ complex, is part of the sustainable crop development program. Все части растения используются в различных видах промышленности (без растительных отходов) и с применением минимального количества воды.


The complex of plant origin includes the following ingredients (INCI):

  • Water (Aqua)
  • Sodium Polystyrene Sulfonate
  • Sorghum Bicolor Stalk Juice
  • Glycerin

How does this work?

Numerous hydroxyl functional groups –OH of polyosides found in sorghum juice interact with each other and with keratin of corneocytes to form a tightening film on the skin surface. The gravity of each bond creates an immediate, visible and lasting micro-lifting effect.

Researches with proven effectiveness

  1. Researches In vivo
Clinical researches of Dynalift ™ 7% Firming Serum were conducted in 23 subjects with a mean age of 50 years (excluding Aeroflexmeter®, which had 30 participants, mean age = 39.7 years) with results measured at 5 minutes and 1 hour after application.
Aeroflexmeter® Lifting effect after 1 hour
Parameters Max deformation Uf Instant reaction Ue R25 Resistance A25 Absorption
% Differences / TO –4,3% –6,9% +9,7% +3,9%
Significance / TO High, p<0,05 Very high, p<0,01 Very high, p<0,01 High, p<0,05
Cutometer® Lifting effect after 1 hour
Parameters Uf (Stretchability) Ue (Instant elongation)
% Differences / ТО -5,6% -9,7%
Significance / ТО High, p<0,05 Very high, p<0,01
Self-reported lifing effect After 5 minutes After 1 hour
Hand skin 65% respondents 48% respondents
Face skin  78% respondents 61% respondents
Even after 1 hour after the application of Dynalift ™, due to the lifting effect, a significant reduction in skin deformation is achieved, which is confirmed by sensory evaluations.
The microrelief (videomicroscopy) Estimation of the distance between grooves MDN
Hand skin T 0 T 5 min T 1 h
Av. distance between grooves (µm) 116±3 94±3 92±2
% differences vs ТО –19,4% –21%
Significance vs ТО Very high, p<0,01
Visual MDN scores (on a scale of 1 to 3) by specially trained experts
Face skin
Macrorelief ("crow's feet") Instant effect Long lasting effect
FOITS Smoothness Max amplitude Wrinkle amount Smoothness Max amplitude Wrinkle amount
% Differences / ТО –8,9% –9,3% –28,5% –6,8% –5,2% –23,2%
Significance / ТО p<0,01 p<0,01 p<0,01 p<0,05 p=0,16 p<0,01
Silfto™ After 1 h
Aver. amount of wrinkles –25,8%*
Aver. depth of wrinkles –23,8%*
Area occupied by wrinkles –23,4%*
*Very high, p<0,01
The microrelief becomes less visible immediately after application and even after 1 hour. Dynalift ™ provides a significant reduction in wrinkles, leaving skin firm and smooth.

  1. Sensory ratings (Eurofins)

The 7% Dynalift ™ Tightening Serum Study was conducted by 15 trained experts and measured results at 5 and 15 minutes, 1 and 2 hours.

During the first hour, most experts noted a strong tightening and film-forming effect, which results in improved skin smoothness and reduction of wrinkles:


Visual ratings
Tactile ratings
The Dynalift ™ complex significantly smoothes the micro and macro relief of the skin. Immediately after application and after 1 hour, the microrelief becomes less visible (after 5 minutes: –55%, after 1 hour: –62%), wrinkles are reduced by more than 23%.

Dynalift™ in L’Adeleide products

“Adelaide” technologists have developed the “Hydrovance with sorghum extract face cream” - a moisturizing and tightening product with the Dynalift ™ complex. Due to the content of the agent Hydrovance®, the cosmetic cream-mask provides long-term hydration and increases the elasticity of the skin, and the active Dynalift ™ complex smoothes micro and macro relief, making the skin elastic, taut, smooth, reducing wrinkles. The cream mask has an unobtrusive, light herbal aroma and a pleasant texture. Free of parabens, mineral oils, synthetic colors and animal products. “Hydrovance with Sorghum Extract” is not tested on animals like all “L'Adeleide” products.

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