Winter skin care

In the cold season, our skin needs comprehensive and proper care. Here are some tips on how to keep your skin healthy and beautiful in cold weather.

First, to cleanse your face, you need to abandon all alcohol-containing tonics and lotions to avoid overdrying the skin. Cleansing procedures should be gentle, not violating the lipid barrier: foams, mousses, milk, etc. For those who love scrubs, it is better to use them much less often so as not to injure the skin, or switch to enzyme products - the most gentle type of deep skin cleansing.

Secondly, in winter, you need to remove light water-based creams and emulsions, and give preference to dense textured, nourishing creams and masks - this applies to both face care and hands. These products rebuild the top layers of the skin while providing protection from the cold. It is worth remembering that oil, nourishing creams must be applied long before going outside so that they have time to be absorbed. At the same time, do not forget about moisturizing products that are best used at night.

Thirdly, it is worth paying special attention to the skin of the legs, because closed shoes, socks, tights can lead to hyperkeratosis. It is necessary to use cosmetic products containing keratolytics (urea, salicylic and lactic acid, etc.), which moisturize, soften the skin and exfoliate dead cells.

Finally, don't forget about lip care. Balms or wax with vitamin E will protect lips from chapping and cracking.