Supplier writes. From idea to perfection

Мы трудимся над сохранением красоты и здоровья 


  • We are L'Adeleide, one of the oldest producers of natural cosmetics in Russia. Our journey to the bodies and hearts of customers began back in 2001. Now our large friendly team in modern offices, laboratories, workshops is working to preserve the beauty and health of people, inventing, developing and producing everything that customers love so much.

    On the shelves of the “VkusVill” chain of stores you can find our cosmetic products for every taste and color.

    • Do you want to gently cleanse your body and hair after a hard day at work? You are welcome! The assortment includes shower and washing gels, shampoos, hair balms, body scrubs.
    • Could it be that your skin is missing suppleness, hydration and healthy glow? And this is not a problem - we have developed butters, creams, vitamin serums that will fulfill the whims of even the most demanding skin.
    • We also have a children's line of cosmetics, so you don't have to worry about your child's health during water procedures or caring for his skin. Most baby products can be used from the first days of life - shampoo and soap, bath foam, protective and nourishing creams, moisturizing milk.
    • If you need something special that can delight you and your body, or provide high-tech protection, then your attention will be presented "Enzyme powder for washing", creams from the Urea line and an effective hand protector from harmful microorganisms - "Antibacterial gel with thyme and tea tree".



All products are made from safe, natural raw materials using highly intelligent technologies from the leading European concerns of the cosmetic industry, which are responsible for the preparation process in our production.

How do we do it?

The secret is in how we work. Grateful customer reviews bring us a lot of joy and warm our souls!



A day at our factory begins with taking care of the collective health of our staff. Each worker should measure body temperature and take a disposable set of protective equipment: cap, gloves, mask. And then put on clean work clothes.

"Adelaide" is a family company

One family prepares the products, the other packs, the third controls and manages the life of the enterprise. The managing family  starts the job.


Taking a look at the production plan, the technologist hurries to make another operational sheet, for example, for “Antibacterial gel with thyme and tea tree”. As soon as it is on the desk of the head of the department, work will boil in the shop: the bactericidal irradiator will light up, water and precisely weighed ingredients will be poured into the mixer in a strict technological sequence. As a result, raw materials from a dozen different barrels, cans and bags will turn into a multifunctional product, created to act effectively and, at the same time, not harm health.

The next morning, once the product has passed full quality control, the packaging family takes over. From the mixer on the top floor, the gel is fed into the filling equipment, which, under the supervision of the adjuster, fills the consumer container with the already pasted label - and passes the baton to the caring and quick hands of the packers. In the blink of an eye, a cap appears on the bottle, and it turns out to be in a box, which will later go to one of the “VkusVill” stores.

This is just the tip of the iceberg!

Its underwater part hides a long and painstaking process, which begins with the emergence of an idea and concept, and is picked up by the subsequent development of formulations, packaging and their testing. And finally, it ends with the introduction of a new product into production - an exciting and long-awaited moment for everyone. And then there is one step to perfection - to the finished product from “Adelaide”.

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